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1vs1 Battlerite

Basic Information:

Check-in: 10 minutes
Game: BO3 ( Best of three)
In case of a disconnect (disconnect): The game is continued and the players can reconnect until the match is over.
Time to create the game: 5 minutes (after check-ins) - After the 5 minutes are up the opponent is obligated to inform an administrator.
Time to join the game: 5 minutes (after lobby was created) - After the 5 minutes are up the opponent is obligated to inform an administrator.

Room settings:

Game mode:Arena
Map: Random map
Win score: 3
Round time: 02:00
Team size: 1v1
Server region: EU West
Host invite only: ON
Duplicate Champions: OFF

Additional Information:

  • Nickname of the participant needs to be the same as the one assigned to his profile (in case of any difficulties encountered when updating the nickname, you should contact the administrator)
  • After 5 minutes you can summon an admin/moderator using the “Report Absence” button on your game’s page.
  • The score should be submitted right after the end of the game
  • Violation of any regulations should be reported to the administration before the end of the match


  • Offending/Harassing your opponents or, other people involved with the match
  • Creating offensive/vulgar team names
  • Spamming in the match, lobby or game chat
  • Mean behaviour towards your opponent
  • Using offensive/vulgar team names
  • Delaying the tournament on purpose
  • *Not applying to the above rules may result in a warning(3x=ban), in extreme cases your match might be counted as a loss and your team will be disqualified.

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