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April 7, 2019, 6:11 p.m.

We present you a new function at PvP Center! Every week on Monday we will be adding new missions to our homepage. Every week you will be able to win credits or items for various activities on the site or in games available from us.

Quests are divided into two categories - site quests and game quests. In first you have to do certain things, eg play 10 matches or take part in 2 tournaments. The second category is game quests. These quests will be a kind of challenges in games avaible on the site, eg get 200 farm in League of Legends.

For every mission you will get a prize like credits, closed chests with shards or shards of items!

If you want to know more about our quests read FAQ below.


Q: How often new quests will appear?
A: Both site quests and game quests will appear every week on Monday. It means that you have a week to complete the quest

Q: How can I claim a prize for quest?
A: Claiming rewards for quests is different for site quests and game quests: <:
-To receive prize for site quest you have to click on "claim" button under choosen quest
-To receive prize for game quest you have to click on "claim" button under choosen quest, add a screen with prove of finishing mission and add a link to your match history (if avaible)

Q: How fast prize will appear on my account?
A: In case of site quest the prize will appear immediately after clicking "claim" button. In game quests the prize should appear up to 24 hours after submitting screen

Q: I have finished the mission but I didn't received the prize. What should I do?
A: If you didn't received the prize after 24h contact one of on-line administrators ("Help" tab on the top of the site) or write to us on Facebook

If you still have some questions feel free to ask us here


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