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General agreements about

Acknowledging the rules given below, you are obliged to follow them. You will find the sanctions predicted for violating the rules in the “Penalties” forum. Remember that the decisions undertaken by the administrators are out of any question, since they are in the highest authority on the website. reserves the right to make changes in the given agreement at any time, and the changes come into life from the very moment of their publication on the website. If you fail to acknowledge the rules, you are not released from following them. In case of any break-in, does not take any responsibility for the hacked personal data. The users of portal agree to upload any of their comments and opinions in the media by sharing them on the forum, if accepts it.

Things that are forbidden on the portal:

  • Publishing content that conflicts with law, agitating people to hatred shared on racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and also the content that promotes violence.
  • Publishing content that is contrary to Netiquette agreements.


  • If you register an account on, it means that you come to terms with the given rules. We also remind that unfamiliarity with the rules does not release you from following them.
  • The username (login) cannot contain vulgar words, websites addresses and any other advertising slogans.
  • It is forbidden to publish any advertisements or commercial websites addresses. That includes also uploading avatars that are to serve as an advertisement.
  • Registering your account on means that you agree to receive e-mails with information about changes made in and about the advertisements.
  • In case of inappropriate behaviour PVP Center is entitled to ban the user's access to the web portal.
  • Assigned games/nicknames in games have to be valid. In case when a game nickname assigned to the account is invalid and the player takes part in a tournament using another account without having reported that fact to the admin, the player gets a warning or is disqualified.


  • If you declare your participation in contests, you are obliged to take active part in it and to meet the terms of games.
  • Cheating will be severely punished.
  • Playing the matches takes place accordingly to the fair-play rules, so remember to respect your opponents.

Penalties concerning contests:

  • In case the administrators of the website had a clear ground to think that you used illegal software during a game in order to win it (cheats), you may expect a ban, and in case of using such software while taking part in tournaments that ensure rewards, you may also expect other legal repercussions.
  • In case of a flagrant behaviour (i.e. verbal abuse toward other players) you may expect a warning or a temporal ban. The type and of a penalty depends on an administrator’s decision.
  • There may also be a situation, in which a moderator or an administrator will inflict a ban upon you immediately, without any prior warnings. The ban may also be permanent.
  • Every case is considered individually and the admin's/mod's opinion is decisive while dealing with arguable issues, irrespectively of the tournament rules.
  • If, in your opinion, a post/thread/signature/avatar is contrary to the rules, you are bound to inform a moderator or an administrator about it.


More informations about cookies can be found here.


  • In accordance with the law and following the EBA definition, credits ARE NOT virtual currency.
  • Credits are points gained for actively taking part in activities on our website. It is a loyalty programme aiming to reward the players who contribute to the development of our site.
  • You can get credits for playing matches on the website, win them in tournaments or competitions or draw them from boxes.
  • can, at any time, change the rules of giving credits
  • Purchased credits cannot be returned

The rule of credit grants:

  • The base value of credits for a played match is 20 in case of a victory and 10 in case of a defeat.
    • versus 100% (w/l=20/10) / of the base value
    • tournament 25% (w/l=5/3) / of the base value
    • league 200% (w/l=40/20) / of the base value
  • The number of credits from tournament achievements and value of the credits drawn from boxes are determined individually by the administrators of the website.
  • In case of the premium accounts the value of all achieved credits is doubled
  • reserves the right to change those values at any time.


  • Equipment is a place, where user can keep all his items.
  • As items we mean: boxes, keys, packs of credits, and any other virtual possessions acquired from games.
  • PVP C has a right to refuse to give an item to a player, if there is a suspicion of illegal acquisition or acquisition against the regulations; for example : taking advantage from bugs in website software, "farming" the credits (taking part in non-existing games), or when a player violates regulations or accepted standards of behaviour.


  • Chest- there are those which you can obtain after achieving the prize of the day on our website and there are also boxes which you can get from the shop in exchange for credits.
  • The Chsest comprise a collection of items distributed with certain randomisation.
  • The chest can be received as the main prize in a tournament or a competition.
  • The chest don't have estimated value, they can't be bought for real currency, their content is virtual.
  • Keys – they are needed to open particular boxes.
  • The packages of credits – items with some number of credits; after using the item, the credits are added automatically to the account.
  • Other items – virtual items, for example: skin for a game character. After using the item the admin/mod is informed that player awaits the prize. The prize is given out within 14 days.
  • fragments of items – every item can appear in fragment. To form an entire item, there are several different parts to be collected.
  • The item chosen by the user to receive must be available and accessible, otherwise the user will not be given the item and his account will be refilled with appropriate number of credits by the administrator

PVP Center reserves a right to any changes concerning the items without particular reasons.


  • The Shop is a place of the credit exchange (loyalty points) for prizes- items
  • PVP Center has a right to change the prices of items.
  • When there is no possibility to give the prize to user (no articles in store)the credits will be returned to the player.
  • the items in the shop do not costitute an offer within the meaning of the article 66 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code.

Premium account

  • Premium account owners have their acquired credits doubled.
  • Premium account owners receive different boxes as the main prize of the day.
  • Premium accounts have their placement in tournaments guaranteed. That means in cases when there are more volunteers than places available, the players with premium accounts are placed on the top of the list. In case of multiplayer crews, every member has to own a premium account
  • Premium account owners get different font colour and a different icon in the chatbox. Their offers on the market are highlighted.


  • reserves the right to make changes in granting rewards.
  • The captain (if it is a team) or a player who won a contest, where the reward was money, is obliged to report all the personal data, up to 72 hours after the game is over. The report must contain name, surname, the place of living, personal identity (PESEL) and the number of the owner’s bank account. If the relevant data is not sent in the given time, rewards are passed to the organizer of an event.
  • The captain (if it is a team) or a player who won a contest with material prizes, is obliged to report all the personal data, up to 72 hours after the game is over. The report must contain name, surname, address, postal code and the city/town of each victorious player. If the relevant data is not sent in the given time, rewards are passed to the organizer of an event.
  • The RP rewards are assigned to accounts of players who took part in the final contest.
  • Financial rewards are sent up to 21 days after the contest ends. The RP rewards should appear on the victorious account up to one month. It may, however, happen that the expectation time will extend if the shipment is made by Riot Games.

Broadcasting the games reserves the right to stream any contest via the website.

In accordance to the bill from 29.08.1997 about the personal data protection (Bill from 2002, no. 101, pos. 926 with further changes) I hereby agree to allow to process my personal data for the promotion of services and the products of and its partners.

In accordance to the bill from 18.07.2002 about providing services via electronic devices (The bill from 2002, no. 144, pos. 1204 with further changes) I hereby agree to receive the commercial information in terms of the service, via my personal email and also the internal e-mail address.


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